What Happens After A Contract is Accepted On My Home?

by Eddie Rangel & Steven Dean, REALTORS

After a contract is accepted for the sale of a home, we keep working for you. Here is a list of the actions that typically have to happen to get from contract acceptance to the settlement table:
1. Contract Delivery: Your contract isn’t binding until it’s signed and delivered. We ensure that it’s delivery and confirm that it’s delivered.
2. Report the Sale: We report the sale to the local multiple listing service, so other agents are aware of the contract. This allows your life in your home to begin to return to normal without the flow of constant prospective purchasers.
3. Verify Loan Application: Contact the Loan Officer for the Purchaser to verify that the loan application is complete and that the sale is moving forward.
4. Verify Funding: If the Purchaser is not obtaining a mortgage, verify that they have the funds to complete purchase.
5. Wood-destroying Insect Inspection: Confirm the date and time for the termite inspection. Provide access for the inspector.
6. Wood-destroying Insect Treatment & Repairs: If needed confirm the date, time, and cost for the termite treatment and repairs. Provide access for the contractors.
7. Appraisal: Confirm date and time of the appraisal. Provide access for the appraiser, and provide data on comparable sales.
8. Home Inspection: Confirm date and time for the home inspection. Review the Home Inspection Notice when received and negotiate as needed.
9. Home Inspection Repairs: Assist with locating contractors to perform repairs required by the Home Inspection.
10. Contingencies: Verify that all contingencies have been removed from the contract, and that the sale is moving forward.
11. “SOLD”: Once the contract is non-contingent, place a “SOLD” sign on the property.
12. Title Work & Survey: Confirm that title work and appropriate surveys are ordered.
13. Completion of repairs: Verify that all repairs required by the contract are completed
14. Wood-destroying Insect Reports & Certifications: Forward copies of the termite reports and any needed certifications to the settlement company.
15. Title Work Status: Once an abstract of title has been received, confirm the status of the title work with the settlement company and the Seller.
16. Title Issues: If title issues arise, advise the Seller how to resolve the title issues.
17. Schedule Closing: Confirm the date and time of settlement with all parties.
18. Movers: If requested, give movers access to the property to create moving bids.
19. Closing Costs: Obtain closing costs figures for the Seller.
20. Walk-Through Inspection: Schedule the date and time for the final walk-through inspection by the Purchaser.
21. Attend Walk-Through Inspection: Meet the Purchaser and the Purchaser’s Agent for the final inspection.
22. Negotiate Walk-Through Inspection: If any issues arise during the final walk-through inspection, negotiate a resolution.
23. Remove Sign & Lockbox: Remove the “FOR SALE” sign, the lockbox, and bring the keys to settlement.
24. Attend Settlement: Attend the Settlement and bring copies of paperwork related to sale of the property.
This is a general guide. For specific guidance, please contact us.

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