What’s It Like to Buy Right Now

Accelerating the Adoption of Technology Trends

Our buyers are viewing fewer homes in-person than ever before. By using Compass Collections to select interesting homes from the photos and floor plans, we first virtually visit homes with our buyers via Google Meet or Zoom and take a 3D Tour of the home… pointing out features and soliciting feedback just like an in-person tour. 

When the top properties are selected, a well-orchestrated in-person showing is scheduled for each property.

Writing an Offer and Contactless Signing 

All of the paperwork needed to make an offer to purchase a home is drawn up and sent to buyers for contactless, electronic signature via DocuSign. Again, we leverage Google Meet and Zoom as needed to review all the “paperwork” with our buyers.

Getting the Earnest Deposit to the Attorney — There’s an App for That!

With most settlement companies, there is no longer a need to send a physical earnest deposit check. Earnest money deposits can be made with Zoccam or other apps… just like mobile banking with your own bank.

Home Inspections

Most home inspectors will insist on being the only person in the property during the inspection. Buyers receive a detailed report with photos and/or videos afterwards. Inspectors follow up with buyers to answer questions either via telephone or a video chat.

Settlement Day

After an in-person final walkthrough of the property, buyers attend settlement on their own (no more agents in the room), or the settlement attorney will conduct a curbside